7*// clothes, dress

A7*// everyday life, clothes, dress *// introduction 7:01**/ Man dresses – covers his body with clothes, wears clothes – in order to keep warm. In the morning you put on your clothes and take them off (or undress) at night. Sensible people are dressed according to the weather and temperature, wearing warmer garments in winter. … Čítať viac

6*// schools – education

A6*// everyday life, schools – education *// introduction 6:01**/ School attendance is compulsory for all British children between the ages of 5 and 16. Children first attend nursery school (or independent kindergarten) before going on to primary school (grade school, US), passing first through infant school from 5 to 7, then through junior school from … Čítať viac

3*// the family

A3*// everyday life, the family *// introduction 3:01**/ Have you met the two families next door? Parents with an only child on the ground floor, and a large family – father and mother with 8 children (5 brothers and 3 sisters) and one to be born soon – on the first floor. What a household! … Čítať viac

2*// home life

A2*// everyday life, home life 2a*// visitors 2:01**/ When a visitor comes to pay a call on Mr Smith, he first pushes the garden gate open, then walks up to the front door, stands on the doorstep and rings the bell or knocks with the door-knocker. */ to pay a call, to call on s.o. … Čítať viac

1*// the house

A1*// everyday life, the house *// introduction 1:01**/ Having a house or flat of one’s own is everyman’s dream. Either you own the house you live in, or rent it from the owner to whom it belongs – your landlord or landlady. */ a house of one’s own */ a flat, an apartment */ to … Čítať viac